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 Tensator helps drive BMW i3 sales for Sytner

 Tensator helps drive BMW i3 sales for Sytner

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MILTON KEYNES, UK, 24 February 2014 – Tensator, the world leader in customer journey management, has helped BMW specialist, Sytner, to launch the new BMW i3 in style, with a little help from the Tensator Virtual Assistant.

Utilising the latest cutting-edge technology, the Tensator Virtual Assistant creates the illusion of a real life member of the Sytner team – named ‘Lisa’. Lisa immediately captures attention – talking customers through the many benefits of the new i3, including its emission-free electric motor, high-voltage lithium ion battery and the fact that it qualifies for a full 100 per cent discount in the London Congestion Zone.

After making her debut at Sytner’s prestigious i3 launch event at The Crystal in London’s Royal Victoria Docks, Lisa is now part of the Sytner promotional team.

Sam Street, sales manager at Sytner, said:

“Lisa is already making a big impact. The Tensator Virtual Assistant offers a friendly and futuristic approach when problem solving in the customer journey.”

As a next generation digital signage solution, the Tensator Virtual Assistant is fully customisable and offers a unique way to engage customers and share pertinent information along with branding/ marketing messages. Sytner selected the Tensator Virtual Assistant Ultra version, which has a footprint of just 50cm x 50cm and a slim-line design, making it easy to move to almost any position within a showroom.

Tensator’s Virtual Assistant brings benefits to multiple sectors including, transport, retail, leisure and finance, creating a unique and innovative communication tool between brand and customer. As Ajay Joshi, head of media and technology at Tensator, points out, the move into motor dealerships shows a distinct shift in attitude towards consumer behaviour:

“The concept of the ‘customer journey’ is now very much a universal one.

“Marketers across the board are looking for new and captivating ways to engage with their target audience from the very beginning. Consumers are almost becoming desensitised to more traditional forms of advertising as the rise in smartphones and tablets means that we’re more used to getting product information in different ways. This is why the Tensator Virtual Assistant is becoming more prominent.

“We are delighted that Lisa has been able to help the team at Sytner create a real buzz about the arrival of the BMW i3. Such a unique new vehicle fully deserves an equally unique form of promotion.”

Other recent high profile Tensator Virtual Assistant installations include Heathrow Terminal 4’s security area, King’s Cross Station and Co-op stores across Kuwait to promote long-standing British tea brand, Tetley.

For more on Tensator’s range of products for the retail sector, visit www.tensatorgroup.com