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Over 45 years ago Tensabarrier®, the world’s first retractable barrier, was created setting a high standard for the industry. Since that time many cheap and poor quality imitations have entered the market but none have come close to the quality that has become synonymous with the Tensabarrier® product range.

As well as being of a superior quality, the Tensabarrier® has safety features including a patented breaking system that prevents injury when the tape end has been released. The breaking system ensures the tape end drops to the floor upon release and slowly retracts back into the post unlike other competing brands.

Tensator® offers quality customised webbing and there are over 20,000 different combinations of Tensabarrier® available so whatever your needs are you can be confident that we can deliver something that works with you and complements your environment.

Don’t Buy Cheap, Don’t Buy Twice

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