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Customer experience management consulting

The strategic partner to choose when the movement and organisation of people matters

customer journeyWe’ve been leading the customer journey since 1881. Today, we provide customer experience management consulting and turnkey queue flow solutions to customers in over 150 countries around the world.

Our ability to deliver strategic solutions with a superior ROI has made us a preferred supplier for large-scale enterprises that depend on the effective movement and organisation of people.

Global resources for enterprise-level solutions

In addition to our US operations in Bay Shore, NY, we also have offices in:

Tensator® UK
Tensator® Dubai
Tensator® France
Tensator® Germany
Tensator® Poland
Tensator® Portugal

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Tensator® serves customers in over 150 countries worldwide.

The advantages of working with the industry leader

One of the perks of 130+ years in the business is accumulating technology vendors and service partners who are the best at what they do. Our network of 700+ service partners in the U.S. and around the world lets us set the industry standard for technical support and customer service.

Tensator® solutions are backed by our proven global product fulfillment and supply chain, to deliver the best technologies available in the volumes required for enterprise-level integration.

We understand the key operating issues and challenges for customer-facing environments, to ramp up quickly for the efficient integration of customized solutions.

A wide range of category experience

We have extensive experience in key verticals:

  Financial institutions
  Major exhibition centers
  Leisure and entertainment venues
  Government administration offices

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The tech you need with responsive service

Tensator Group offers a complete line of customer management, customer engagement and business management solutions:

  • Queue Management Solutions
  • Next Generation Digital Signage
  • The Tensator Virtual Assistant
  • Digital Media Solutions
  • Virtual and Single-line Electronic Call Forward Systems
  • In-Queue Merchandising Systems
  • Self-Service Machines
  • Displays and Signage
  • Crowd and Access Control Solutions

Tensator Group solutions increase profitability, efficiency and revenue.
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