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Terms and Conditions

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Anti-bribery and whistle-blowing

One of Tensator’s core values is to uphold sound, responsible and fair business operations. The
Company is committed to promoting and maintaining the highest possible ethical standards in relation
to all of its business activities. Tensator’s reputation for maintaining ethical and lawful business
practices is of paramount importance and this policy is designed to preserve these values. Tensator
therefore has a zero tolerance policy towards any form of corruption, including but not limited to
making, receiving, or accepting any bribe, corrupt payment, kickback, or facilitation payment, to or
from anyone, anywhere in the world. To read our full Anti Bribery policy please click here.

Whistleblowing: In the event that you wish to report an instance or suspected instance of bribery or any other improper behaviour, please email telltensator@tensator.com

Tax Strategy

Here at Tensator®, we believe in being transparent about our tax contributions and our commitment to be fully compliant with our regulatory obligations and legislation. We have implemented a tax strategy to ensure the integrity of our internal systems and frameworks, to reduce risk and correct payment of tax. To read our Tax Strategy in full, click here.


At Tensator®, we are committed to caring for the environment and continuously strives to reduce our environmental impact. Sensitive to the wishes of customers, we endeavour to make environmentally sound choices when it comes to raw materials, production processes and transport.

Energy Efficiency

We are committed to reducing both direct and indirect carbon emissions from the energy used in its buildings, transport and manufacturing.

Waste Management

We strive to make the best use of resources; reducing packaging materials and utilising 100% recycled card packaging.

Sustainable Resources

Wherever possible we use materials from sustainable (managed) sources to protect resources for future generations.

Fair Trader

We are committed to sourcing materials and products and developing partnerships with suppliers who share common principles of fair and honest trading.


We are committed to conforming to industry standard guidelines and are pleased to have received the ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certifications.

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