Ambulances Queue in Birmingham

Ambulances Queue in Birmingham

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It’s not just people that queue, Ambulances do too!

Monday (7th December) was the busiest day of the winter so far at A&Es in Birmingham, with emergency patients being forced to wait up to three and a half hours in ambulance queues.

Only a 5% of 999 patients were dealt with in the 30 minute target, as queues of several ambulances were reported outside a Birmignham Hospital.

A total of 241 patients at all the A&Es had to wait longer than the half hour recommended waiting time. However, hospital staff andf paramedics did all they can to try and reduce the wait and treated patients in corridors.

An Ambulance Service spokesman has stated “ “We would urge anyone who is considering going to A&E or dialling 999 to take a moment to stop and think whether this is the most appropriate place that they can access help from the NHS”.