Bilingual Tensator Virtual Shopping Consultants Land at Miami International Airport

Bilingual Tensator Virtual Shopping Consultants Land at Miami International Airport

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MIAMI, FL and BAY SHORE, NY — October 15, 2014 – Tensator, the world leader in queue management and customer journey solutions, today announced that the MIA Concessions as part of its Marketing Program has installed two bilingual Tensator Virtual Assistants in Miami International Airport’s (MIA) South Terminal (Concourses H and J), providing passengers with exciting, high-tech virtual shopping consultants and offering a vibrant advertising vehicle for shops and restaurants to effectively reach high net worth consumers: multi-lingual air travelers to Miami.

The MIA Concessions program selected the Tensator Virtual Assistant, with its interactive push button panel, to help capture the attention of passengers so that they can make the most out of the 55,000 square feet of concession locations throughout the two concourses. Unlike traditional signage, the Tensator Virtual Assistant next generation digital signage uses innovative HD projected imaging, surround sound and video technology to create the illusion of a real person and is fully customized to deliver specific messaging, and to showcase products. The MIA Concessions’ Tensator Virtual Assistants, named Leticia, offer passengers on demand information in both Spanish and English about where and what they can eat, and provide shopping ideas, tips and information about products, stores, restaurants and services in the Terminal.

“Passengers are often overwhelmed with all the activity that typically goes on at the airport and they typically end up wasting time trying to figure out where they can eat, what services and shops are available or how they can best spend their time,” said Adrian Songer, Chief of Airport Concessions Business Development at Miami International Airport. “The Tensator Virtual Assistant virtual shopping consultants cut through the noise and distractions, capturing people’s attention and holding it. Not only are they seeing and hearing about specific retail, service and dining options in English and Spanish, but they are provided with real-time friendly guidance with real directional cues and offered suggestions on what they can buy and advice on currency exchange and duty free that enable them to make the best use and get the most out of the time they spend in the Terminal.”

“We are extremely pleased that Miami Airport Concessions has chosen our Tensator Virtual Assistants to be their virtual shopping consultants at Miami International Airport, said Louis Ruiz, Business Development Manager, Tensator, Inc. “By working closely together and by exploring the product’s full potential, Tensator delivered a completely customized, personalized, bilingual, high tech digital signage solution that provides passengers with rich media that empowers them to make the absolute most of how they spend their time and money.”