Pilot to Rollout Solution Trial

We know your organisation needs to test the waters when evaluating new solutions such as queueing management systems. That’s why we offer our industry-leading Pilot to Rollout programme.

Pilot to Rollout allows reporting on key performance indicators (revenue, for example) before we implement the final phase of your rollout. We guarantee to move the ROI needle.

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What can a Tensator® solution do for you?

Our on-site evaluation of your customer environment and queue management needs
reveals opportunities to increase profitability, efficiency and revenue.

Faster customer throughput for increased sales and profitability

30% improvement in service times =
96% reduction in customer walkaways.

Improved associate productivity and operational efficiency

Our electronic queueing systems
accelerate customer flow by 25%.

More informative and engaging waiting time

Our In-Queue Merchandising boosts impulse sales by up to 400%.

Increase customer satisfaction

66.6% of shoppers are less likely to come back when they have problems with the shopping experience.

In-queue merchandisng IQM, Electronic call forward system ECF
Your Pilot to Rollout program can include the following technologies:

Electronic Call Forward Systems
Virtual Queueing
Digital Media Platforms (including the Tensator® Virtual Assistant)
In-Queue Merchandising Systems
Crowd and Access Control Systems
Next Generation Digital Signage
Self-Service Systems


Fast Company names Tensator® to “Most Innovative” list

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Tensator® has installed queueing management systems
for industry-leading organisations around the world.


  • Increase basket size and margins from impulse purchases
  • Lose fewer customers while queueing
  • Improve customer retention with a positive checkout experience
  • Reduce operational costs from front-end queueing


  • Reduce passenger frustration with queueing
  • Reduce safety and security risks with passenger flows
  • Reduce costs associated with poor passenger flow
  • Educate passengers to reduce carry-on luggage rejection


  • Accelerate customer throughput
  • Split cash transactions and high-value opportunities (mortgages and credit lines)
  • Improve customer satisfaction and retention
  • Improve branch profitability

Public sector/Government

  • Improve staff performance to improve queue performance
  • Maximize queue throughput
  • Improve customer queueing experience
  • Eliminate bottlenecks


  • Protect patient confidentiality
  • Improve messaging and communications with patients
  • Eliminate bottlenecks with fluctuating queues
  • Improved patient satisfaction


  • Improve crowd management
  • Accelerate patron flow
  • Reduce safety risks
  • Reduce stress on event/venue staff

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