Dispelling Register Rage

Dispelling Register Rage

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In the VSMD article on “Register Rage” by Robin Donovan, salient points are driven home about the newly “monikered” phenomena known as “register rage.”  The article points to the glaring omission by retailers who while embracing cool, new, grandiose ideas are ignoring the basics – such as –“stained carpets, dressing room doors with broken locks, blaring ads over a junky sound system and helpless salespeople.” All reasons why people would never come back to a store or in the extreme case be so fed up as to exhibit register rage.

Retailers need to be honest and be consumers in their own stores.  Is the store welcoming, is it clean, does the store offer a pleasant environment to be in – are customers being handled in a fair equitable fashion at checkout, how long are customers expected to wait in line – or is there room for improvement?

Tensator has been handling the customer journey for over 130 years, and has been a trusted advisor to retailers, helping them build brand loyalty through enabling excellence in customer service.   Our extensive range of high quality, affordable solutions – everything  from Tensabarriers that help guide customers clearly and easily, to elegant and quiet Electronic Call Forward Systems, and our Virtual Queuing System – which allows customers to shop freely and be alerted when it’s their turn for service — all have an enviable track record of directly increasing customer satisfaction by speeding customer flow through the queue and  improving operational efficiency – and alleviating register rage and walk-aways.

Our customer journey experts are available to help answer questions on how you can easily, affordably – and seriously impact your customer satisfaction.

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