Prepare for the busy summer ahead

Prepare for the busy summer ahead

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With an estimated 11 million visitors expected to descend on London this summer, businesses need to be thinking of ways to really maximise their potential!

The revenue possibilities for businesses in and around Greater London is huge, with a recent VisitBritainreport estimating the potential additional spending by visitors at more than £2bn!

The Games this summer provide a once-in-a-lifetime chance to showcase the UK at its best, and all consumer facing orgnaisation’s should be planning to maximise on this. With retailers wanting to boost sales by providing impulse sale opportunities in their stores, ensuring the best queue management solutions are in place to improve queue flow, and reducing waiting times in shops, stations, airports and hospitals, etc.

Research from The Telegraph suggests that 41% of companies in the tourism and hospitality industry and 38% of retailers expect the Games to generate increased demand. With almost a quarter (24%) of retailers intending to increase stock levels, while 20% plan longer opening hours.

It’s not late; you can still prepare to give a great welcome! And Tensator has the tools to help you do so. Our award winning, world respected Tensabarrier and post top signage to guide the crowds, in-queue merchandising products to boost impulse sales and out of the box electronic call forward systems to speed queue flow are all cost effective, simple to install solutions to ensure you get maximum benefits and revenue from this summer’s events.