Queue Rage

Queue Rage

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Recent research shows that British Shoppers spent 155 days of their lives queuing while on shopping trips!


GMTV reported 47% of Brit have suffered “queue rage” while 21%  have admitted storming out of a shop after queuing for 3 minutes or less, demonstrating that the British public really due vote with their feet.


Queuing was voted, in the poll commissioned by TV Shopping channel QVC, to be the top shopping hate with 55% of votes, followed by unhelpful shopping assistants (39%) and busy stores (36%).


At Tensator we can’t transform shopping assistants but we can help you to manage queuing customers and reduce waiting times, to eliminate the negative experience encountered by customers.  While at the same time increase sales revenue and reduce operating costs for the retailer.


To find out how Tensator can transform your queuing environment, call today on +44 (0) 1908 684600.