Results of Tensabarrier Load Testing

Results of Tensabarrier Load Testing

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Great news, last week Tensator passed another set of serviceability and safety load tests of Tensabarrier support posts at Heathrow Airport. Tensator has now passed load testing within T1, T3 and T5 at the BAA owned Heathrow Airport, demonstrating that Tensabarrier posts are more than acceptable for passenger walkways.

The extensive serviceability testing was undertaken to establish whether any significant damage would be done by reasonable loadings throughout the lifecycle of the post. Cyclic testing of the post was undertaken and a horizontal tensile load of 50 kgf (0.5 kN) was applied to the 889 Advance Removable Post for a period of 30 seconds until 20 cycles.

Safety testing was also conducted on the 889R Tensabarrier post, applying a horizontal tensile load of 100 kgf (1kN), to ensure that occasional higher loads would not have a catastrophic result on the post’s performance.

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