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Impact Protection is the latest innovation from Tensator® (in partnership with MPM). As inventors of the safest barrier on the market, Tensator® understands the importance of a safe working environment. Our range of products enable you to; identify potential hazards before they cause harm, restrict access to dangerous areas and clearly define rules. Not only does this system protect your workforce, but it also provides essential protection to your building, machines and assets. *Please note impact protection products are only available in the UK and Poland



To absorb impact forces dissipating energy throughout the barrier.



Not voluminous barriers, in order to leave passages and working areas free.


Long Life

Maintenance free, doesn’t crumble upon impact, doesn’t rust.


Smart Design

Flat and wide impact surface to stop brackets of forklifts.



PVC is 100% recyclable.



Easy to clean and resistant to main industrial cleansers, waterproof.


Quick Installation

Barriers fully equipped with fixing accessories and technical sheets.


No Scratches

Resistant to marks, due to high abrasion – strength of material.


Each product undergoes rigorous testing. Not only does each product go through simulated situations e.g. a forklift colliding with a barrier, they are also thoroughly tested using a Pendulum Machine which produces detailed crash reports. Tests are carried out under several criteria including speed and angle of impact and targeted collision points. This thorough testing ensures that we are confident that products can provide only the highest quality in health and safety.

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Impact Testing

Our Pendulum Machine is perfectly designed to test our products in order to give our customers the best safety barrier.

Recently passed impact test products:


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