Tensabarrier®  has set the market standard for queuing barriers – it is the safest & most durable barrier on the market.  All others are imitations, so buy the original & the best.

As the inventor of the world’s leading retractable queuing barrier, Tensator® has set the market standard – so why accept anything less?

Whether you want to manage your queuing space, or cordon off access to a restricted area, there will be a Tensabarrier® for your needs. Tensabarrier® allows you to enhance space, while reducing risks of costly accidents that could be caused within your business area.

Unlike competitor products, Tensabarrier® has an originally patented braking system that incorporates twin brake shoes. As a result, the webbing falls to the floor upon release before slowly retracting back into the stanchion. Tensabarrier® is one of the safest stanchions on the market and has been designed using the highest quality materials and extensive expertise.


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Post Solutions

Tensabarrier® is one of the safest barriers on the market, unlike competitor products we have a patented braking system that slows the retraction of the webbing, eliminating the risk of an accident within your queue.

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Wall Mounts

Tensabarrier® Wall Units are perfect for situations where you want a flexible retractable barrier without taking up any floor space. Great value stylish metal wall mounted barrier units also feature our patented braking system.

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Whether you’re looking to engage with customers or add additional directional guidance to your Tensabarrier® posts, we have the accessories for all types of situations. From merchandising to safety, we have you covered.

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