Tensator Combines Single Line Queuing with Media

Tensator Combines Single Line Queuing with Media

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Leading queue management solutions provider Tensator has launched its most advanced electronic single line queuing system to date.

The new system called SLQ3000, is the latest addition to Tensator’s eQ™ single line queuing portfolio, which has the capability to combine digital media, advertising and live TV all within the same call forward platform.

SLQ3000 incorporates a split-screen central display unit (CDU), which enables media to be shown continuously without interruption, whilst still calling customers forward. Customers are informed and entertained while they wait, yet still directed efficiently and quickly on a first come first served basis within the single line queue system.

The system not only increases satisfaction for waiting customers but provides the opportunity for companies to create new revenues in the queue with saleable advertising space.

Tensator general manager Kevin Hickson said: “This is an advancement for companies that wish to increase brand presence and messaging within the queue. As it’s integral to the call forward system it eliminates the requirement for installing any additional and costly media platforms. The major benefit for companies and brand owners is that customers waiting in line, are of course, a captive audience.”

Tensator’s single line queue systems are proven to reduce actual and perceived waiting times, speeding customer flow by 25 per cent and reducing ‘walk-aways’ by up to 96 per cent.

The system can be customised to meet a company’s exact requirements and media can be managed centrally, uploaded quickly and cost-effectively using a web based application or USB drive or CD.