Tensator helped to achieve the winning Eddie-ism

Tensator helped to achieve the winning Eddie-ism

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As BBC’s Jake Humphrey recaps on the 2009 F1 season, he relives some of the funniest moments he’s shared with Eddie Jordan, or as he likes to call them “Eddie-isms”.

Jake explains his winning Edie-ism, “the moment he ran off and grabbed Michael Schumacher in Valencia. The world and his wife wanted a chat with the seven-time world champion and EJ delivered just that for you guys at home.

I remember that I was in the midst of a link and hadn’t really clocked his dive under the Tensabarrier“.

This really goes to show that the Tensabarrier is getting coverage across the world, and is even on the tip of many a tongue!
Over recent months we’ve spotted Tensabarrier’s on the big screen, on TV shows such as EastEnders, in the Virgin Atlantic advert, in the Daily Mail and even on Panorama!

Get involved and in a “Where’s Wally?”style; let us know where you spot our products!