Tensator helps bring Kidzania to life

Tensator helps bring Kidzania to life

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Children’s play areas have certainly got a lot more advanced than simple slides and swings. KidZania is a concept that is taking the world by storm, with outlets in Tokyo, Mexico, Dubai, Kuala Lumpur and now Kuwait, to name but a few.

The premise of KidZania is education via role-play. Each outlet is built to resemble a fully functioning city and is packed with all of the amenities you would expect to find on the high street. Banks, shops, restaurants and even things like a local newspaper, emergency services and a garage are all open for business.

Youngsters, aged between four and twelve, can either take on the role of a consumer or work in one of the venues, mimicking traditionally adult activities.

Twelve new KidZania outlets are being planned over the next two years and, when the team started work on the Kuwait branch, they turned to us for help.

To add a realistic touch, we were asked to supply over 300 Tensabarriers®, with custom printed webbing featuring different brand logos. These were placed in locations where you would commonly find our barriers in real life, such as retail outlets, banks and airports.

Not only are they helping to create a true-to-life environment for children, but they also ensure they are able to play in a safe and secure way.

Now, after reading this, how many people wish that something like KidZania was around when they were young?