Washington DC DMV

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Washington DC DMV was looking to reduce its average customer wait time while also increasing its customer experience satisfaction with a new virtual queuing solution. Utilizing Tensator’s Inline solution, DC DMV’s customer get in a virtual queue by selecting their service choice on a touchscreen kiosk, greeter station, Inline mobile app, or by making an appointment. After making their selection, they can relax comfortably in the waiting area. Tensator’s Inline system automatically places them in the right queue by directing them to a staff member specialized in the chosen service.


When Queue Performance is Vital

Tensator has been ahead of the curve for over a century, organizing the movement of people from point A to B. Our virtual queuing solutions for the Motor Vehicle sector allows your customer to be served in your offices with ease and efficiency.

Quick ROI

  • Improved staff performance impacts on queue performance
  • Maximized queue throughputs
  • Enhanced operational efficiencies
  • Eliminated bottlenecks

How do you measure – Business Analyzer

Our Business Analyzer is an integral part to your Virtual Queue Management system. This statics package provides analytics at every level: set up dashboard reports, KPIs. based on historic data; create hourly, daily or weekly reporting based on set criteria at branch level or across your entire enterprise.

  • Average wait time
  • Customers assisted
  • Average assistance time
  • Transaction time per service and period
  • Waiting tie per period and per queue
  • Staff member performance
  • Service summary


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