Effective Queue Management Keeps Customers Happy

Effective Queue Management Keeps Customers Happy

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In the wake of the January sales rush, it is important that retailers manage their queues, as not only does this improve sales, but more importantly it reduces customer stress levels.

Clear and concise communication is imperative when there are large crowds in one area. Noticeable signage combined with simple electronic and barrier systems will help improve service and safety, and thus act as further revenue drivers.

In a competitive market, delivering good service is crucial in order to decrease customer ‘walk-aways’. If customers are made to wait in confusing and unorganised queues, they will more than likely become impatient, which will lead to long waiting times, poor customer experiences, frayed tempers and bad publicity. This gives customers a poor lasting memory and could potentially damage the likelihood of customers repeating their visit to that venue again.

Kevin Hickson, general manager of queue management and crowd control specialist Tensator.