Have you been queuing this week?

Have you been queuing this week?

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It’s been a popular week to queue and the British tradition hasn’t just been limited to the UK with techies queuing across the globe to be the first to get their hands on the latest edition of the iPad. The Apple Store in Regent Street, London saw people queuing for days, with the first person in the queue waiting for a total of 141 hours! There were even stories of the 4th person in the queue selling their space on ebay!

Also this week people have spent hours across the country queuing for a free coffee at Starbucks when they launched their “What’s your name?” campaign! It sparked a debate in many people asking “how long would you wait for something that would normally cost you a couple of quid?”

It is not all that dissimilar to tales of people queuing for the Xfactor auditions for up to 7 hours and last week when fashionistas were queuing down Regent Street in London for hours to get their hands on the limited edition Marni collection for H&M.

What in your opinion is worth queuing for? Would you ever queue for days for something? And what are your opinions on those who do? We would love to hear from you.

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