IT glitches

IT glitches

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Last week saw Tesco encounter rather long queues, as price updates were made overnight, which in turn, affected a number of tills in certain stores across the UK.

One of us happened to experience this first-hand, and it made for a rather interesting shopping trip. Not only were staff only letting in small groups of customers, but heavily discounted items were also piled high throughout.

Some customers may not agree, but it was such a bizarre experience, it was almost quite fun! Walking the aisles is usually rather hectic in the busy lunchtime rush, but last Monday was actually quite a serene affair. Surprisingly, people weren’t jostling to pay for goods, and no one seemed to complain – probably due to the baskets of bargains we all picked up! Orderly queues were formed at the self-checkouts, with help from Tesco employees.

So, thanks Tesco for such a memorable shopping trip, and an even bigger thanks for the fantastic discounts!