Customer experience and queue flow solutions to increase profitability, efficiency and revenue

Tensator Group solutions make customers more engaged, better informed and better served. They spend more, experience higher levels of satisfaction, and are more likely to do business with you again.

The result? Increased profitability, efficiency and revenue.


How do we get started?

We conduct on-site visits to assess your customer environment, customer experience and queue management needs.

Our objectives:

Faster customer throughput for increased sales and profitability
Improved associate productivity and operational efficiencies
Minimised customer waiting times
Increased customer satisfaction
Higher customer retention rates
More informative and engaging waiting time

What goes into my solution?

As the global leader in customer experience and queue flow solutions, we use the following technologies:

Electronic Queuing
Virtual Queuing
Digital Signage (including  Tensator Virtual Assistant)
In-Queue Merchandising
Appointment Booking
Click and Collect
Self Service Machines
Crowd Control

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You’re in Good Company

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