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Tensator’s solution for Click & Collect allows customers the ability to ‘check in’ when they first arrive in the store to collect their order via a self-service device located at the store entrance by submitting any of the following details:

Customer Name
Mobile Number

If customers submit a mobile phone number, they receive an SMS confirmation of their estimated collection time and a countdown of where they are in the queue. If not, customers will receive a ticket showing where they are in the queue and estimated wait time. This will allow staff time to pick the order and have it waiting at the collection point.

Because staff can view a list of waiting customers, they can choose to serve (or assign to other colleagues) by using one device at the collection point or mobile devices.

Management has the ability to access a variety of reports in real time or later using an analytics tool accessed via their mobile device or personal computer.

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Sample Click & Collect Process

Booking appointments to enter a virtual queue via mobile or laptop
Choice of stores
Customers checking in for their appointment using Tenstaor kiosks
Tensator Virtual Queue Management System - receive paper ticket or SMS
Customers are entered into a virtual queue and are free to rest or shop
Sketch of customer shopping
Sketch showing a call forward system managing customers in a retail environment
Tensator Business Analyzer component of click and collect
tensator group

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