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Employee and public safety is a major concern for businesses and ensuring you have the right measures in place is essential to reduce the risk of accidents, which can often be costly.

Almost a quarter of all fatal accidents at work are caused by slips, trips and falls. Many of these incidents are entirely avoidable if simple, cost-effective prevention technology had been correctly installed.
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As the inventor of the world leading Tensabarrier® retractable queue barrier, one of the safest barriers in the world, we understand the importance of a safe working environment. Tensator® provides a range of highly engineered, hard wearing and functional health and safety Tensabarriers® .

Provide a safe working environment by using Tensabarriers® to:

  • Clearly define safe foot traffic routes
  • Draw attention and prevent access to restricted and dangerous areas
  • Highlight potential hazards and work in progress areas
  • Provide visual safety messages to influence behavioural change
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Wall Unit

Tensabarrier® Wall Units are ideal for areas requiring periodic access restriction without taking up floor space. As part of the Tensabarrier® range our wall units use the same safe retracting mechanism as the floor standing Tensabarrier® posts.

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Tensabarrier 4.6m wall unit with printed webbing
Tensabarrier wall unit with yellow and black chevron webbing, health and safety

Tensabarrier® Pit Protection

Tensabarrier® Pit Protection Solutions have been developed with safety recommendations in mind, ensuring that they provide warning of open pits, making then clearly visible while providing safe means of entry and exit.

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tensator group

TC114 Topper

The innovative and simple topper transforms a series of standard traffic cones into an adaptable, cost-effective temporary barrier system for roadside, health and safety, maintenance and engineering applications. The topper unit fits in the top of any standard cone and incorporates 3.65 metres of retractable webbing.

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Safety Barrier Rail

The safety barrier rail from Tensator® is a modular handrail system, which is ideal for numerous applications including the creation of safe walkways and ramps, cordoning off storage areas, machinery and inspection pits.

Constructed from exceptionally strong steel with a unique high quality PVC coating, which offers the all-important ‘warm to touch’ requirement as set down by the current building regulations, the product is a breakthrough for handrail systems.

All connections fit flush, resulting in a pleasing, streamlined appearance. The internal connections allow the construction of continuous handrail systems without raised external fittings.

Tensator® safety barrier rail have the following benefits:

  • Compliant to current building regulations
  • Not cold to the touch
  • Corrosion resistant
  • No snag points
  • Contrasting colour
  • Adjustable fittings
  • Strong construction
Saftey Barrier Rail
Tensator's modular safety hand rail
Tensator safety modular fixed hand rail

Airport Passenger Guidance (APG)

The passenger guidance system is a robust and safe solution that guides passengers when boarding and disembarking the plane, ensuring that dangerous under-wing areas are kept clear, putting safety first.

Quick and easy to set-up, the guidance system saves airline operators both time and money by only requiring one person to operate, as well as reducing waiting times by guiding passengers efficiently to and from the plane.

APG Flyer
Airport Passenger Guidance Systems by Tensator

Access Control

Tensator’s Access Control portfolio incorporates a range of automatic entrance gates, mechanical pedestrian gates, and a sleek and sturdy polished chrome fixed rail system, to aid customer guidance in retail environments, airports, leisure centres and corporate offices.

Tensator® Access Control solutions can:

  • Create clear and welcoming entrance and exit points
  • Define walk ways
  • Guide personnel from no-access areas
  • Create escape routes in case of an emergency with fire alarm activated electronic gates and emergency exit mechanical gates
  • Reduce retail shrinkage with audible alarms reporting unauthorised exits
  • Define indoor trolley parks with a fixed rail system
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