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Virtual queueing - customer receives a ticket via mobile to secure place in a queue

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Waiting never improves the customer experience. And it cuts into your profitability, efficiency and revenues. Tensator’s Virtual Queueing Systems change that.

Reduce customer walkaways by 96%

eQ™ electronic queueing systems accelerate customer throughput by up to 25%, with both single line and dispersed virtual queueing. Reducing service times reduces walkaways and increases associate and location productivity.

A 50% increase in throughput

Single-line Electronic Call Forwarding delivers a 50% increase in throughput per desk for UK Immigration and Border Control.

A 7% decrease in carry-on luggage rejection

One of the world’s busiest airports wanted to increase passenger flow by reducing the number of passengers with prohibited items in carry-on luggage. Virtual Assistant cut carry-on rejection by 7% at security checkpoints.

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