Tensator’s Queue Survey Results are in!

Tensator’s Queue Survey Results are in!

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You may remember that a few months ago we asked for people to take part in our queue survey. It was a great success and the results made a great read!

Something that became very apparent from the results was that many people accessed social media sites with 65% of people asked admitting to updating sites such as Facebook or Twitter whilst waiting in a queue, many commenting on the environment.

Shockingly 98% of people admitted to abandoning a queue because of the length of time it took for them to get served. As part of the survey the respondents were asked how long they would be prepared to wait in certain environments and just under half of the respondents said they would only be prepared to wait for up to 5 minutes to pay for their weekly shop while many people were prepared to wait up to 15 minutes to be served in a bank.

There was a question asking what frustrated people most about queues and the findings from this were perhaps unsurprising with 52% saying slowness and 22% saying queue jumpers annoyed them.

Just over 43% of respondents said that when they were queuing, they were often thinking about their plans for the rest of the day, but many noted that they often thought about how the location they were queuing in could improve the queuing experience.

For every survey response that has been received, Tensator has making a donation to its local charity, Willen Hospice, a registered charity that provides specialist care for people whose illness no longer responds to curative treatment (also known as specialist palliative care).