The world’s first animated Tensator Virtual Assistant

The world’s first animated Tensator Virtual Assistant

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Tensator has created the world’s first animated Virtual Assistant, projecting the image of Tetley’s well known character, Gaffer.

Tetley is developing a number of initiatives to enhance shopper engagement, and the animated Tensator Virtual Assistant will be used as a promotional tool to attract buyers and point them to special offers.

The Tensator Virtual Assistant has proven to be ten times more effective at influencing behavioural change than other forms of digital signage. Research has shown that many of us are becoming de-sensitised to more traditional forms of marketing, and brands need to have an innovative approach to capture customers’ attention.

The brand new animated Tensator Virtual Assistant has a 50cm2 footprint and lockable wheels, making it simple to transport the unit between locations. Tetley’s Virtual Gaffer also has a built in proximity sensor, which detects the presence of passing customers. Upon detection, the Virtual Gaffer begins delivering its informational and promotional messages.

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